As of 07-07-2023, this site has been discontinued and the bot shut down.

Welcome to MV Scraper

If you found this website somehow, congratulations! Because it's not really meant for public.

What is this?

This website is a small project made by Michael@Belgium. A bot is scraping (24/7) several webstores tracking products, most of those products are GPU's and on EU stores.


Due the global chip shortages it's very difficult to snatch a GPU or any other electronics that uses chips. Since the coronavirus entered our world the demand for chips has never been so huge. Even the car manufacturers are feeling the results of the chip demand.

To see which products and stores the bot already tracked, check the "stores" page.
If you are on discord you can set up personal alerts after logging in with discord on this site.

Currently 10 cheapest in stock products per model